Corbyn misses the food
at Acoustic Brasserie

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Old Friends United

Last night, Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn and his wife Laura paid a surprise visit to the Church Street of the Acoustic Brasserie.

As a regular and a fan of Acoustic Brasserie Food,  Mr Corbyn came to see Mr. Adil Kolcak who is executive chef and owner of Acoustic Brasserie, with whom Corbyn has always had conversations about local issues, family, small businesses, definitely food and of course some politics.


Mr Kolcak says, “Jeremy is a passionate foody”. Some of his vegetarian favourites are “Halloumi & Vegetable Skewers with quinoa tabbouleh & broad beans salad”,  “Mucver with sweet tomato chilli chutney and tzatziki”, “Roasted Beetroot & Butternut Squash salad with goats’ cheese & walnuts and tahini sauce glazing”.

The conversation included, of course, the new Brexit extension and the upcoming elections. Mr Corbyn said that Labor was well prepared for the election and managed to collect £ 500 K only in two days from small donations.

Mr. Corbyn could not help but share the truth 
about how much he missed the Acoustic Food.

Mr. Kolcak asked Corbyn what kind of food 
he had eaten recently, and Mr. Corbyn said, 
“I have oftenly eaten sandwiches because of the time constraints this is the time I think of the delicious food here at Acoustic Brasserie.

I missed the food here

While we wanted the share a few details from Corbyn’s this latest visit to Acoustic,

We also thought our visitors might like to see some pictures from his previous visits to Acoustic Brasserie.